Bezor trilogy

Bezor's three-volume edition:
color sketchbook, meditative sketch-notebook and photo album from early childhood to late Graferty.

In 2018, Pavel bought a nice blank notebook on Buffantgarde tour in Kyiv.
In 2019, it turned into a sketchbook filled with Graferty masterpieces.
In 2020, we scanned and printed it.
Colours, textures and other fat stuff.

Pasha did not study during his university classes (2014-18), but drew Graferty sketches and Boboyangs with a ballpoint pen in notebooks. We have selected the best and the most amazing ones scanned and designed them into a meditative sketch-notebook.

The most important and heavy is Bezor's photo album. Only film photographs, only the rarest ones.
Childhood pictures from the family archive, images from Novorossiysk are made by Anton Seleznev, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow shots by Konstantin Stavrov and Oleg Kuznetsov. Designed by Kostya, with great love. 128 pages!
For each trio of zines, Bezor hand-painted "school" folders with buttons. Each kit is also numbered and signed by the artist.

Invalid Books (publication №14), 2020
Colour laser printing, A5 format
Totally 244 pages (60+56+128)
Edition of 70 copies
Price 40 euro including international shipping (anywhere)