P.I. Karpov "Creativity of the mentally ill"

Reprint of the book by P.I. Karpov “Creativity of the mentally ill and its influence on the development of science, art and technology” (1926). An exact replica, supplemented by archival materials and research articles published for the first time by Natalia Petukhova and Konstantin Stavrov
The debut and controversial book by a psychiatrist and collector Pavel Karpov, published in 1926, when the world art discourse of non-professional authors was just beginning to form its shape.

Hardcover, Ozon Ivory paper
A5 format, 262 pages
Colour illustrations, archival materials inserts
ISBN 978-5-4391-0756-8

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Article editor: Lenya Choi
Design and layout: Yuri Kiryushin
Photos: Anton Seleznev