Pasha Bezor, Stas Tocka, Vanya Venmer

A5, 42 pages
Digital printing, 100 copies
Invalid Books, 2019

In 2006, the computer game "Getting Up" appeared prompting a real teenage "graffiti boom" in Russia. Many children started buying spray cans on parents' money intended for lunch or a tutor. The youthful soul demanded a heroic act ― every self-respecting schoolboy wanted to be like the main character named Trane, to paint cool pieces everywhere without any barriers or fear.
The game served as a guide to action: teenagers began to copy and combine fonts of the graffiti "kings", climb onto the most visible urban places and trains. However, crazy and thoughtless actions of schoolchildren were faced with reality: misunderstandings and negative reactions from passersby, security guards and policemen, spoiled clothes, the disappointment of parents. But for many children, this reality appeared to be more inspiring than a computer and they remained in the graffiti field for a long time.
Babych invites you to immerse yourself in the life of a teenager who took a spray can in his hands for the first time. To feel the spirit of adventurism of the period when everyone thought that they were involved in the Graffiti subculture when everyone felt like a player of this great game...