Visual album of street unusual.
Random and special, unconscious and intentional.
Collective and individual.
International ugly beautiful.

*buff — graffiti removal

77 artists and photographers
10 subject chapters
352 pages
600 copies (reissue)
А5: 148 × 210 мм
offset full-colour print
open spine
hardcover with stamping
ISBN: 978-5-6041429-9-8
Saint-Petersburg 2018/2020 

Buffantgarde is a collaborative project of Invalid Books publishing house,
Street art research institute, InLoco foundation and Notfoundgallery.

Authors, inventors and witnesses of Buffantgarde ―
Konstantin Stavrov and Oleg Kuznetsov.

International collection with russian accent.
List of artists:
ABCDEF, Coconut Clan, Eric Magassa, Guillaume Mathivet, Sluto, Tefra, Quel,
0331C, Aboya Utopa, Andrey Rachinskiy, Bezor, Volodimer, Kirill Kto, Maxim Ima, Oskolki, Toy
and many others.
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